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Customizing your PS1 in Mac/Linux


I recently bought a new Macbook Pro 13" and started setting it up for my development. The list went like Chrome, iTerm2, Brew, OhMyZsh, VS Code, and so on (it deserves its own post). This was my first time with OhMyZsh and I was playing around with the themes and…

One day I stopped in point place for some gas,
before I knew it 8 years have passed,
whoa that rhymes.

Anyway I should get home to my wife.

Take care;
You’re a good kid, man.
You’re a good kid, man…

That ’70s show

All India Bike Ride — Part 2

Previously on the All India Trip

Started from Chennai; too hot too hot; sleep on the roadside shade; crash near Hyderabad; ride to Agra: 1,118kms/day; the Taj Mahal; Yamuna highway; reach Gurgaon; roam Delhi like in a government office; find tyre, fix it; plan to Bir; stay in Chandigarh; detour to Shimla; cool place — literally…

The smile says everything

When I sat the bike on April 17, the first thing I noticed is that the posture was amazing. Because usually in sports and superbikes, you lean forward to catch the handle. Though it looks good and great for racing, I cruise a lot and a straight back is a…

Bharath Raja

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