Track the Dota 2 International prize pool

Python — Cron — Google Sheets

Link to the tracking chart

So, Dota 2 released the Battle Pass for International 2016 today. Go take a look if you haven’t already. This is a big deal because this is where the crowdfunding of prize money starts. Thing to note is last year the prize pool went up till a record breaking 18 Million USD. For the first time, a video game prize money was $1m each for the winners team. It attracted even the non-gamer community to look into what it’s all about, because of the lump sum involved. I was tracking this last year, but the automation part occured to me a bit too late and half data won’t give any correct or useful insight. So this year, as it started at $1.6m, I immediately sat down and wrote a script to scrape the prize pool information from the website every half an hour.

0,30 * * * * python /root/ >> /root/dota.log 2>&1 #cron

The easier way to do it is to probably store the data in a file (csv preferably) after line 7. And then use the data to visualize it. But I already had a service account in Google with access to one of the shared folders in my drive. And the gspread python library was easy to use :D so I went ahead and added it there. Once we have the data in GSheet, it’s a piece of cake to visualise it. Being a front-end engineer and I could come with multiple other ways to visualize this. But all we need is a time chart and the time involved vs value provided Google sheets definitely wins. Anyway do take a look and share feedback.

I’ve planned to do prediction (based) on this data and correct my prediction based on the real data and predict again for the final number. So I’ll keep updating this post on new insights and comments.

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